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No discolouration of weld and surrounding material.
No discolouration of the parent part.
No weld splatter.
Welds down to 0.3mm.
Weld inside cavities.
Non porous welds.
Fast, cost effective.
Reduces need for inserts in injection moulds.
No fillers or fluxes.
Weld dissimilar metals, e.g., Steel onto beryllium copper.
Assembly weld small metal parts without filler rod.
Only a small volume is fused with minimal heat input. This enables distortion-free welding, frequently without the need for preheating. Extremely short weld time prevents coarse grain formation.
Welds typically have adequate hardness as deposited, not requiring pre- or post-weld heat treatment.
No/minimal undercut around the weld
Lowest heat input of any comparable welding process.
No distortion of the work piece.
The laser beam is focused to a very small diameter.
Precise control of the weld location.
Can weld close to important features without damage.
Only sufficient material deposited to do the job.
Resulting in minimal machining to complete the job.
Fine grain structure of the weld material.
The heat affected zone measures only a few tenths of a millimeter with minimal change in the structure. With the right choice of filler material all subsequent processing, such as polishing or etching, can be carried out without a problem.
Loss of hardness and resilience in the basic material hardly ever occurs, nor does any coarse-grain zone or undercut.

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This process is unlike any traditional welding, there is no electric arc, no hot gas, just highly focused, pulsed Laser light.

We can handle workpieces from Very small to 1000Kgs in weight.

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