Here are some examples of the type and range of work we have done to date.

Our Recent Works

Remove Logos & Text

Here is a before & after polishing example of the removal of an unwanted logo.

Steel on Beryllium Copper

We can weld steel directly to Beryllium Copper to repair, amour or provide hard blanking faces.

Build Up Areas

Repair tool maker errors. Weld close to important features without damage.

Repairs Very Small Damaged Areas

No damage to surrounding features Only enough metal put down to do the job Easy cleanup with stone or file etc.

Small Machine Part Repairs

Only enough metal added to do the job making cleanup quick and easy. Repair of flogged-out keyway with harder material than the original.

Modify/Repair Features & Fine Edges.

Cover unwanted ejector pin holes. Weld very close to important detail without fear of damage. Fine edge repair without undercuts.

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This process is unlike any traditional welding, there is no electric arc, no hot gas, just highly focused, pulsed Laser light.

We can handle workpieces from Very small to 1000Kgs in weight.

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