20 jan 2012
We Congratulate ROCKETLAB

We congratulate ROCKETLAB on the successful launch of their Electron orbital launch vehicle. Still Testing.

20 jan 2012
Increased Capacity

Our second machine has grown in capacity. It now has a throat of 1200mm and we can handle up to 1000Kgs. The maximum reasonable size we can handle is W 3-4000mm x D 2000mm x H 1000mm. But if it's over W 2000mm x D 1000mm x H 1000mm and/or over 500Kgs Please give us a ring first. We have already worked on large blocks very successfully. We can tilt the work head to more easily get at difficult spots or vertical faces. We can also rotate larger round items up to 385mm in diameter, or rectangular within an envelope of 385mm square. The welding parameters have not changed, we are using the same Laser unit as previously. Please check with us before bringing larger jobs.

20 jan 2012
Customers instructions - Important

It is becoming increasingly important that customers give adequate instructions when sending or delivering work to us. We have had a few examples recently where the job has been returned to the customer and we get "Oh, but!!!". or, "We gave this to you to do because" and we were not told these important points when they delivered the job. So we were unable to fulfil their expectations. We are not mind readers. It would also be helpful if a cross-sectional sketch of the weld could be provided where the customer has specific requirements.

20 jan 2012

If your company requires order numbers on invoices, PLEASE supply the order when delivering the job. We are able to email invoices if this is a preferred option. Please send your email address to laserweldnz@gmail.com

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This process is unlike any traditional welding, there is no electric arc, no hot gas, just highly focused, pulsed Laser light.

We can handle workpieces from Very small to 1000Kgs in weight.

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