Services We Offer

Modify Moulds/Machine Parts

No job is too small, what we can do is endless, give us a ring and discuss your needs at (09) 914 3795 Repair Nitrided tools, there are some limits on this but we have had considerable success in this area.

Automotive Dog Gears

As used in racing gear boxes. We repair the damaged teeth to better than original quality with a special high impact low wear material. The repaired gears offer extended service over the original.

Welding 3D Printed Metal Parts

Assembly welding 3D printed metal parts. Welding 3D printed parts to machined parts. Repairing faults. In stainless steel, titanium, niobium and inconel. We have been doing this very successfully for mission critical assemblies for some time now

Aluminium Cylinder Heads

Fill gasket idents, saves machining the head. Damage from foreign matter in the cylinder (broken rings etc.) Have repaired irreplaceable vintage cylinder heads.

Aerospace Parts

We weld and repair parts for the aerospace industry.

Fix Tool Makers Mistakes

No matter how small we can hide mistakes so the customer will never see them!

Repair Cracks Etc

Open the crack with the laser then fill with crack resistant material and cap with material similar to the parent metal The crack will not propagate back through the crack resistant material.

Repair Worn Out Gates

Repair gates that have been eroded by abrasive materials, sub-gates can be fun, give us a ring to discuss Hot runner gates can be repaired, again check with us first.

Amour Edges, Faces

Repair or amour edges and faces, blanking faces etc. with up 55Rc material or High Speed Steel.

Repair Copper EDM Electrodes

Dropped the electrode? Worn corners? Need changes? we can fix these problems

Hard Face Heal Blocks & Slides

Heal block or slide faces picked up or worn? We can hard face these so it won't happen again If the slide has picked up in it's slot we can repair with Aluminium Bronze giving a good wear surface that won't pick up.

Amour Beryllium Copper With Steel

Armour blanking faces Armour, repair BeCu inserts against erosion from glass filled materials, gas erosion etc. We can cover a BeCu insert completely with steel to give the best of both worlds, good cooling and a wear resistant surface.

Repair Modify Aluminium Blow Moulds

Repair cut offs, edge damage, tool makers mistakes, fill in engraved lettering, etc. We have done some extensive changes to blow moulds because we do not distort the block no matter how much metal we put down as heat input is very low.

Repairs to Clicking Knives - major savings

Small chips in clicking knives can be very expensive to fix, requiring a grind down and hours of resharpening. We have successfully repaired these with 55Rc material requiring only a few minutes to blend & sharpen the weld to the original edge.

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This process is unlike any traditional welding, there is no electric arc, no hot gas, just highly focused, pulsed Laser light.

We can handle workpieces from Very small to 1000Kgs in weight.

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